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Double Boope Mid-Century Modern Earrings in Brass

Double Boope Mid-Century Modern Earrings in Brass


Mid-century modern Double Boope earrings in brushed, and stylized patterned brass on handmade sterling silver french wires. Lightweight earrings that pack a style punch! From the shine, to the finish, they add a casual Mid-Mod glam to any outfit.


The earrings are approximately 1.25" (one and a quarter inches) across. Handmade Double Boope earrings in brass are hand cut and polished with a cross-hatchy finish. The french ear wires are handmade and very comfortable. Each pair arrives with a pair of silicone earring nuts to keep them on your ears, no matter the wind, the weather, or seasonal scarves!


    FOR ALL JEWELRY: Upon removing your earrings, necklace, bracelet or rings, simply wipe them down with a plain cotton cloth. An old t-shirt or lonely cotton sock will do. Body oil is the thing that leads to most tarnish. Do not swim or shower in your jewelry (chlorine is especially unkind to all metals.) If you do swim, carefully rinse and dry your jewelry to maintain the shine.

    TO MAINTAIN SILVER JEWELRY: A polishing cloth like Sunshine Cleaning Cloths, or a Pro Polish Pad (both available in the shop) will clean up your shiny silver like new. ALWAYS follow up the pro pad or cloth with a dry cotton cloth to remove any traces of polish. A gentle ultrasonic cleaner can also be used occasionally. Overuse of chemical cleaners, and not rinsing may cause a buildup that creates tarnish.

    TO MAINTAIN COPPER JEWELRY: Shiny Copper is meant to patina with age, unless you don't like that - and in that case you can shine it right up with a paste made of baking soda and water and a stiff toothbrush. Polishing pads also shine copper too! FIRE PATINA COPPER: A protective coating has been applied. Heat, and other storage factors can still age the patina. Copper changes over time, that is the absolute magic of Copper!

    TO MAINTAIN BRONZE JEWELRY: Bronze, like Copper is meant to patina with age. But seriously, if you don't like that - you can remove that aged look with a paste made of baking soda and water and a stiff toothbrush. Sunshine Polishing Cloths also make bronze shiny too.

    BEADED JEWELRY: Beaded jewelry should never be submerged in liquid. You could damage the stones, the cording, or the connections

    OTHER ISSUES: Send us a message; we're here to keep your goods looking good!


    • We guarantee the workmanship of our handcrafted goods.
    • Accidents happen, if you damage something, we will be happy to work with you on a repair.
    • The sterling silver neckchains we choose for our pendants have been road-tested for years as sturdy and reliable. If you break a chain we can offer a replacement at wholesale cost.
    • We wrap and ship carefully, but in rare case your handmade jewelry arrives damaged, we will replace the item with a like item.
    • We cannot refund or exchange custom items.