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688 - Spruce - Vintage Thompson Enamel

688 - Spruce - Vintage Thompson Enamel


Thompson Enamel 688 - Spruce. Available in 4 and 8 ounce jars.

4 ounce jar - $16

8 ounce jar - $32

Actual shipping costs will be added at checkout.


  • About leaded enamels

    Leaded enamels are no longer manufactured in the US (but a couple of Japanese companies are producing leaded enamels compatible with the vintage Thompson leaded enamels.)


    According to several books on enamels, lead-bearing enamels are made with lead oxide, an element that creates the greatest clarity and shine. However, lead poses potential health risks.

    Some enamels may also contain antimony, arsenic, barium, or cadmium – all of which are harmful if ingested or inhaled. Do not use these enamels for products made for children or for items intended to hold food or drink.


    These useful guidelines pertain to all enamels - lead bearing or non-lead bearing. Remember Enamel is glass, stay safe.

    + Wear a dust mask or respirator rated for particulates.

    + Don't eat or drink while handling enamel powders of any kind.

    + Wash down your work area (instead of sweeping or vacuuming) *Baby wipes are great for this.

    + Wash your hands with soap often.

    + Wear an apron or art smock to keep enamel powders off your clothing.

    + Finally – test, test, test your colors!

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