Resist copper cuff in standard width: 7/8"


The design is electro-etched using salt water. 

Resist Copper Cuff

SKU: 0002
Color: copper
  • Copper is a gorgeous, natural material, and as such is is subject to the whims of nature (and body lotion, sun screen, water, body chemistry and more!) Copper will turn a deep russet color over time. Want to keep your copper shiny? Wipe your copper jewelry with a clean soft cloth (and old cotton sock or t-shirt is perfect) before you put it away. If you want to make your copper look brand new - gently clean with a small piece of green scrubby pad with a bit of baking soda under running water. Dry thoroughly.

  • We want everyone to love our handmade goods. Items that are damaged will be replaced at no charge.